Buy Theta token in the USA!


Why Theta

Theta is uniquely positioned to gain from the explosion of streaming services and online gaming

Peered Gaming

Using the theta network, gamers will be able to peer with one another for low-latency gaming

Peered Streaming

Theta nodes can offload bandwidth from streaming services, and share their revenue

Get some CryptoCoins

You'll need to buy Crypto coins on a US based exchange first.

Coinbase is our preferred vendor due to their high security and ease of use.  

Use this link and get $10 of FREE crypto when you fund your account with $100.

Get a Theta Wallet

You can choose the Web Wallet, or an app for your cell phone (iOS and Android).  Once you have a wallet you can swap BTC to Theta below.

*** PLEASE store your keystore and mnemonic phrase somewhere safe!  If you lose the keys to your wallet you will NEVER get your Theta back ***

Once you have it installed and you keystore, mnemonic, and password safely stored somewhere, go to "Receive" in the wallet to get your "Public Address"

Swap for Theta

Once your tokens are in your Coinbase wallet, you can exchange your crypto currency for Theta using the converterto the left. 

1. Choose how much crypto you'd like to convert to Theta/Tfuel
2. Paste your "Public Address" from your Theta wallet.
3. Send the crypto from your Coinbase to the address provided on the screen.

The video below shows how to convert to ETH, but the steps are the same for Theta!

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